I labor in the vineyards “full-time” as a writer. I am a member of the Maine Writers & Publishers Alliance, http://mainewriters.org/, with its publicity and marketing resources. I am a member of the Historical Novel Society, https://historicalnovelsociety.org, with its aids to writers and authors of historical fiction.

My major projects are the unpublished novels: FREELANCE, a completed 77,000 word historical crime thriller, and VIGILANTES, its sequel, with an outlined plot and partial manuscript.

I seek their publication via literary agents and small publishers, with self-publication on the back burner for now.

FREELANCE and VIGILANTES are based in part on my experience growing up in New Jersey and working four summers in a Secaucus, New Jersey warehouse dominated by notorious Teamsters Local 560 leader and Genovese crime family capo, Anthony “Tony Pro” Provanzano. Tony Pro was later convicted of killing one of his colleagues at the Secaucus warehouse and fingered as one of Jimmy Hoffa’s possible killers. I and fellow workers on the second shift would sometimes make late night visits to a Mob-controlled Union City nightclub, where you had to watch your step even more than in the warehouse.

In addition, I completed over ten years of research for the project: books (fiction, academic and popular nonfiction), articles, newspaper archives, physical visit to New Jersey, films, maps, and images (online and otherwise), all relative to the factual and thematic elements of the story.

Over a long career as a litigator, advocate, negotiator, mediator, arbitrator, hearing officer, fact-finder, state court-appointed referee and federal court-appointed special master, I acted in many labor-management disputes, one of the subjects covered in FREELANCE and VIGILANTES.

Starting in 2000, my writings, some dealing with labor-management disputes, have appeared in “Alternatives”, a Jossey Bass/Wiley Periodicals journal, including a 2014 three-issue survey on developments in the dispute resolution field (described in Jossey Bass publicity as “incisive” and “provocative”) and a 2016 essay on the controversial Court decision upholding the arbitration decision suspending Tom Brady of the New England Patriots quarterback.

I also write short prose.

My non-fiction piece, Lessons From a Horseplayer, about my mother, appears in Canyon Voices Literary Magazine, Issue 14, Fall 2016, pp. 94 forward.


My fiction piece, “Quasi-Tame Shrinking Felines vs. Throwback Expanding
Canines” appears in Evening Street Review, Number 20, Spring 2019, pp. 61, which can be read by scrolling through Scribd at the bottom of the website page: :


My fiction piece, “The Little Blue Painting” appears in The Sandy River Review, Spring 2020.

The Little Blue Painting

I am seeking publication of a number of other nonfiction and fiction pieces and poetry via submission to literary magazines.